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Christian Values, Ethics & Music Standards

The respect for you as an artist and your music is of the utmost importance to us.

All our judges work to these principles....... 

Christian Values

The song lyrics must accurately reflect biblical content, being of a godly nature, honouring the godhead – Abba/Father, Jesus Christ and/or the Holy Spirit.
The song lyrics must be edifying, uplifting and/or an encouraging experience for the listener. No swearing, inappropriate, lurid, offensive or blasphemous terms are acceptable.


To apply the principle in Philippians 2:3&4 which is to put the interest of others first. This will be demonstrated through our judges commitment and a genuine desire to support the career of aspiring Christian artists. The full length of each qualifying song will be carefully evaluated with a written appraisal being provided by one of the event judges for the top 12 highest scoring songs.

Music Standards

For each judge to adhere to the event's 7 step evaluation methodology. Scoring according to; scriptural content, song lyrics, song melody, song arrangement, originality, performance, appeal and commercial viability. To assess songs purely upon merit, regardless of personal preferences.

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