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Song Submissions
1. Song submissions may be for a band or collaboration between numerous artists and co-writers, but only one name should be designated and for the purpose of this agreement they shall be called the ‘entrant’. The entrant represents the entire group.

2. Providing the lyrical content of the song is Christian/Biblical, a contestant may submit any song sub-genre, including but not limited to; Contemporary Christian Music, Praise and Worship, Christian Metal, Christian Pop, Christian Rap, Christian Rock, Christian Jazz, Classic Christian, Contemporary Gospel, Traditional Gospel, Southern Gospel, Christian Folk, Christian Blues and Christian Country. A cappella song arrangements are welcome.

3. The Firstfruits Music Awards contest is open to all Christian artists and welcomes submissions from all nations. There is no age limit for song entry, however if an entrant is under 18 years of age, they will require parental or legal guardian consent.

4. Firstfruits Music Awards employees, friends and affiliates are not permitted to submit songs to this contest.

5. The entrant retains all ownership rights to any original songs submitted into this contest.

6. Songs must be original and by entering this competition the entrant warrants that no copyright or other third party infringements have been made, and to this effect, the entrant indemnifies and holds Firstfruits Music Awards harmless from and against any claim resulting from such a breach.

7. To ensure fairness amongst contestants participating in a contest with a 5,000 song submission limit, an entrant may enter a maximum of 5 songs. Entry fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.

8. The final closing date for entries will be when 5,000 song submissions have been received. The winner will be announced 60 days from this date.

9. Song submissions are to be entered online via this website in mp3 or m4a file formats, with a maximum file size of 15mb. Alternatively, entrants may provide URL links to their songs hosted on platforms including, but not limited to, SoundCloud, Youtube or Reverbnation. Only valid URL links will be accepted and song access must be set to 'public' (not requiring a password). Entrants must carefully check audio files before submission or URL links. If an audio file received does not play due to an error or the URL link provided is incorrect, the submission will be disqualified. For non-English songs, the original language and an English translated version of the lyrics are required and must be uploaded at the time of the song submission.

10. Song entry constitutes permission to use an entrant’s name, likeness (i.e. artist/band photos) and voice recordings for future advertising and promotional purposes including, but not limited to, this website, third party websites, social media, press releases and editorial pieces (physical and online). The entrant acknowledges that no additional compensation, financial or otherwise, will be made for such use. Permission may be withdrawn at any time upon written request by the entrant.
Song Evaluation Process
11. Winners will be chosen based upon the following evaluation process:

(i) Stage 1. Complete song evaluation based upon the Firstfruits Music Awards 7 step evaluation process, comprising; 1. Originality, 2. Scriptural Content, 3. Song Lyrics, 4. Song Melody, 5. Song Arrangement, 6. Performance, 7. Commercial Viability. Each of these elements will receive a score out of ten. The highest 24 rated songs will proceed to stage 2.

(ii) Stage 2. The final 24 songs will be subject to review by the registered voters (Public Reviewers). This review will take place over a 30 day period and the most popular 12 songs will proceed to stage 3. In addition, £50 cash prizes will be awarded to those Public Reviewers who submit the best and most insightful song reviews. Multiple cash prizes are on offer, so there is an advantage to Public Reviewers to submit more than one song review.

(iii) Stage 3. Each of the final 12 songs will be reviewed by our industry expert panel of judges. The highest scoring song will be the Grand Prize winner with the second highest scoring song being the Finalist. In case of a tie, the event founder has the casting vote.

12. There will be no right of appeal regarding the Grand Prize winner's song, the Finalist or the next highest 10 scoring songs, as the judges' decisions are final.

13. For the purpose of evaluating song submissions, the entrant acknowledges and provides Firstfruits Music Awards consent to:

(i) Allow the event judges access to entrants' songs for the sole purpose of evaluation and judging process.

(ii) upload the entrant’s song or display the song URL link on our website in order to allow for public evaluation and voting purposes. This will only apply to the 24 highest scoring songs. In the case of uploaded songs, the facility to download from our website will be disabled.
Artist Prizes & Awards
14. The top 12 highest scoring artists will receive a certificate of achievement, plus valuable judge and public reviewer feedback together with the scores awarded for their songs. This information will be available via the artist’s online account. In addition, the Grand Prize winner will receive £25,000 in cash, the prestigious winner's Firstfruits Music Awards trophy and enrolment into the Corps D'Elite. The finalist will receive £5,000 in cash together with the prestigious finalist trophy.

15. The cash prize winners will be notified by the email submitted on the song entry form via this website. Winners must sign an affidavit to confirm that the winning song does not breach copyright or third party ownership rights and is original. The winner will be given 28 days to satisfy this request. Failure will result in disqualification and the Finalist will become the Grand Prize winner.  

16. All cash prizes are non-transferable and will be awarded to the entrant. The entrant acknowledges that it is their sole responsibility to apportion and distribute the prize money to co-writers, band members or collaborative artists as appropriate. Subject to the character length, co-writers, band members or song collaborators, names may be included on trophies and certificates subject to Firstfruits Music Awards approval. 

17.  Under no circumstances will Firstfruits Music Awards liaise with any entity, other than the entrant and will not engage in disputes between collaborative artists. Entrants agree to release Firstfruits Music Awards, agents or associates from all liability regarding prizes won, including but not limited to, government and local taxes, import duties or customs fees relating to any aspect of the prizes awarded. For the avoidance of doubt, these taxes and fees will be the entrant's sole responsibility.
Public Participation - Song Voting
18. It is necessary for members of the public to register via this website should they wish to participate in this contest through voting. To be eligible to win cash prizes, the registered voter is required to listen to each of the highest scoring 24 songs, and provide a subjective score for each, scoring from 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. In addition, the registered voter will be required to submit at least one song review. Each song review must be no longer than 1,500 charters and provide constructive feedback. The maximum number of song reviews a registered voter may submit is 24, being the maximum number of songs under consideration. A registered voter may be awarded multiple cash prizes, so there is an advantage to submitting more than one song review.

19. The public will be advised via this website when voting registrations are open and when applications have closed. The number of registered voters will be limited to 50. Successful registered voters will be notified, via the email submitted, confirming their eligibility to vote and when the 30 day voting timeslot will commence and conclude.

20. Registered voters awarded cash prizes of £50 for selected song reviews and will be notified of their prize via the email supplied upon registration. Prizes will be subject to the following:


(i) The registered voter grants Firstfruits Music Awards permission to use their name and song review for advertising and promotional purposes. That includes but not limited to, posting on this website, third party websites, social media, press releases and editorial pieces (physical and online).

(ii) There will be no right of appeal regarding reviews chosen for prizes, as the event organiser’s decision is final.

This Agreement
21. All participants in this contest agree to these rules, including subsequent published revisions.

22. This agreement is governed by the law of England and Wales. In the event that any particular term contained herein is deemed unenforceable by a court in the jurisdiction of England and Wales, the validity or enforceability of all other terms and conditions will remain in force.
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