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Public - Cast Your Vote!

It's more than participating in a song contest, your votes may impact someone’s future, shaping the destiny of the next generation of Christian artists; being part of history in the making!

Registering to vote is simple and FREE. Towards the latter stages of this contest, those registered and entitled to vote will be sent instructions concerning this process. The finalist’s songs will be available for review via this website.

You don’t have to be an artist or musician to participate, but being sensitive to God’s word is important. Although the experts know the ingredients for a commercially viable song, it’s you the audience that will listen to these tracks, so your voice is important too!

Although it’s about having fun and being edified by what you hear, voting is a serious matter. That's why we’ve taken the decision to award cash prizes of £50 for each song review selected. Multiple cash prizes are on offer, so there is an advantage to submitting more than one song review.

Fancy being a song critic? If your review is accepted you'll win £50 ....but hurry these places are strictly limited! Register below for FREE!

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