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Exceptional Cash Prizes & Benefits!

Our unique concept to provide the most generous cash prize whilst limiting song submissions to 5,000 globally, means you're more than 6 times likely to win the Grand Prize compared to other song contests with multiple genre music classifications, without submission caps.  

The world’s only premier music awards dedicated to aspiring Christian artists!

The top 12 highest scoring artists will receive a certificate of achievement, plus valuable judge and public reviewer feedback together with the scores awarded for their songs. In addition, the Grand Prize winner will receive £25,000 in cash, the prestigious winner's Firstfruits Music Awards trophy and enrolment into the Corps D'Elite.  The finalist will receive £5,000 in cash together with the prestigious finalist trophy.

Artists with the top 12 highest scoring songs will be provided with introductions to industry professionals who may wish to provide advice and explore potential opportunities in the music industry. Please note that there are no guarantees offered regarding the fruitfulness of such introductions.

Artists whose songs do not progress to stage 2 may access the scoring issued by the screening panel via their account on our website. This provides every artist with a breakdown of the score achieved using the following evaluation criteria that include; Originality, Scriptural Content, Song Lyrics, Song Melody, Song Arrangement, Performance and Commercial Viability. This valuable feed

Our rigorous and comprehensive song review process, supported by a panel of elite judges and actively encouraging public voting through prizes, will enhance your reputation, help to raise your profile and increase your fan base and followers.

By supporting this event through your song submission, you can delight in the knowledge that we will be donating £5,000 towards kingdom focused missions. Sponsorship applications are welcome, so please advise your church or preferred mission operation to enquire further.

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