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Today is the World Day For Social Justice.

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing black-market business in the world.

Statistics tell us that there are more people in slavery, children in slavery, now than there have ever been in all of human history.

Read that again, slowly …

More ……now ……than ……ever ……before.

In Nepal, 1.5 million are at risk annually.

71% of these are women and children.

71% of these are someone’s daughters.

They are our friends, our sisters, daughters, the little girl next door.

There is a huge profit margin to be made on the sale of Girls, after all, “You can sell a bag of drugs once, but you can sell a person multiple times”.

Once successfully trafficked out of the country only around 2% are ever rescued. 2% of the 20 thousand estimated trafficked persons that go missing every year.

These are our daughters and this is our watch.

To find out how you can help, please visit

We could be the generation that stops the traffick.

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