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Firstfruits Music Awards receives approval from Guild of International Songwriters and Composers.

Firstfruits Music Awards receives approval from UK’s prestigious Guild of International Songwriters and Composers.

The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers (GISC) has agreed to sponsor the Firstfruits Music Awards. With its origins tracing back to 1938, the GISC is recognised as the United Kingdom’s top industry body for songwriters, composers and music industry personnel. GISC’s prime aim is to provide its members with support, guidance and to be an information repository for all matters relating to the music business. Guidance is available on a plethora of subjects including songwriting and music publishing, plus the institution offers members a free copyright service for their works. The quarterly magazine, Songwriting & Composing, is an invaluable source of information and the institute also provides a collaboration service so that writers and composers can connect with other music professionals.

Nigel Swaby, President of Firstfruits Music Awards said, “It’s a real honour and a privilege to be associated with the GISC and for the institute to offer complimentary membership to the GISC for the top 12 finalists, illustrates their approval and support concerning our quest to identify the very best emerging Christian artists.”

Colin Eade, Director of GISC responded saying, “I am delighted that the GISC is in a position to provide support to song entrants of the Firstfruits Music Awards. I am impressed that these awards are accessible to both new and emerging Christian artists, which isn’t necessarily the case with some other top-tier contests. In addition, the cap on submissions is a very attractive proposition, making winning the grand prize realistic for entrants.”

Supported by an international panel of highly regarded music professionals, Firstfruits Music Awards’ prime goal is to provide support and promote emerging Christian artists whose songs accurately reflect biblical truths. The grand prize of £25,000 in cash will help launch the winner’s career!

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