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'Firstfruits Exclusives' launched - showcasing emerging and independent Christian artists.

The 13th December '23 was the first episode, season 1, of ‘Firstfruits Exclusives’. This live weekly TV show, is a collaboration between Firstfruits Music Awards (FMA) and PAAM TV UK (PAAM). Its purpose is to provide a global platform and a voice for emerging and independent Christian singer songwriters and musical artists. With excess of 52,000 Facebook followers, the PAAM TV and radio networks have acquired a solid reputation for providing the very latest gospel news together with being strong advocates for supporting the next generation of Christian artists.

This first episode featured Nigel Swaby (Founder) and Eric Reverence (Ambassador & Non Executive Director) of the FMA. During the show, Nigel explained about some of the issues facing independent Christian artists and the circumstances surrounding his strong conviction to establishing this initiative. To quote him directly, “It’s about levelling up the playing field, giving the unknown artist a voice and support, establishing a global movement of like minded Christian singer-songwriters, those who understand that their Gospel music gifting is a vehicle to reach the world for Christ!”

This show will be aired live each Wednesday at the same time with the last episode for season 1 concluding on 13th March ’24. The next set of interviews taking place on 20th December ’23 will be with Cyndi Aarrestad from Saskatchewan in Canada and Dewaynega George from Guyana in South America. Having penned in excess of 2,000 songs during her career, Cyndi can only be described as someone who is totally plugged in to God. Dewaynega on the other hand is a young and gifted songwriter, whose music can only be described eclectic and very addictive.

To watch this episode click here.

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