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  • Nigel Swaby

A celebration of God's amazing ability to restore and change lives!

Visionathon is the celebration of God’s ability to restore and change peoples’ lives regardless of who they are or their circumstances. Through Vision Christian Media, Australian’s are able to share their testimonies and stories, inspiring and encouraging others. Learn how God’s word touches the lives of those who love and surrender to Him.

As brothers and sisters in Christ,we are instructed to proclaim the Gospel of God to an unregenerate world and to make disciples of all nations. Please consider joining Vision Christian Media on their quest to touch lives through peoples’ testimonies and God’s word. As a non-profit charity with approximately 90% funding from individual donors, you’ll understand how important it is to receive financial support from people like you, those that love God and wish to see His kingdom grow.

For more information regarding how to support this great initiative, please visit:

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