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This October the state capital of Western Australia, Perth, will host this gathering. There is a Clarion call going forth across the world to every Intercessor, Prayer Warrior and Watchman; ‘COME! Come and see what the Lord will do! Come and hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the churches!’

Held from 3-6th October, and hosted by Oceana, Australia and the Pacific Islands (Great southlands of the Holy Spirit) it is a once in a lifetime experience for this region, and a God sent privilege for Australia in particular.

If, like me you are saying ‘Lord, how long must we endure this wicked and godless generation! How long Lord, before a breakthrough?’ perhaps this information is for you.

Please allow me to share a Prophetic Word given to Australian Katie Dunstan and first posted on the Australian Prophetic Council Facebook page 9th Jan 2023.

The Blood- Red Wave.

The is an overwhelming sense that the Spirit of God has been RISING IN POWER over nations. I could see in the Spirit a huge WAVE FORMING AND RISING. ‘Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts’ (Zechariah 4:6NKJV) I looked again, and this wave was RED, it was indescribable in stature, height and depth.

The wave broke forth on the land, and the SHEER IMPACT caused the heavens to instantly BREAK OPEN over the nation creating an OPEN HEAVEN. A large GLORY PORTAL OF HEAVEN remained, it was a GOLDEN AND WHITE LIGHT that spanned Australia and the Great Southlands of the Holy Spirit.

SOULS-SEEDS-IN WAITING: The wave broke and it FLOODED THE waterways, and the RIVER-WAYS from the COAST-LINE to the DESERT-LANDS. I saw streams in the desert (Isaiah43:19, Isaiah 32:2, Isaiah41:18) CONVERGE INTO ONE RED RIVER. It burst forth with NEW LIFE.

It caused the seeds that were laying dormant to spring up and flourish. I heard the Lord say SOUL-SEEDS-IN WAITING represent our unsaved loved ones, the prodigals, and the many yet to be saved “NEXT GENERATION-GIANTS” TO ARISE. WE CALL YOU TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD!

We declare a POWER SURGE OF SALVATION over the nations! HARDENED HEARTS WILL BECOME TENDER HEARTS: The breaking of this RED-WAVE brings forth a MIRACULOUS HARVEST OF SOULS GALORE. Among those will be the prodigals, atheists, goths, and the ones you thought would never come. To those with wounded hearts and whose hearts have become hardened, I would say to you, take heart, the Lord is giving you a new spirit (Ezekiel 36:26). In Him, a HEART OF STONE can be TRANSFORMED IN A FLASH to a HEART OF FLESH. Many who have been bound will be set free to become TENDER HAERTS. As we pray with thanksgiving to the Lord, it is His peace that guards our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:7). In the encounter, the landscape was transformed and the waste-land was reformed. The reformation of nations began.

THE RED-WAVE AND THE BLOOD OF JESUS: At the very point of impact, the power of the RED-WAVE caused the ground to SHAKE AND BREAK open and caused a DEEP SURGE DOWN into the layers of the land. At that point, something miraculous happened. The eyes of my understanding were opened, THE BLOOD-RED WAVE WAS THE VERY BLOOD OF JESUS unleashed. As it cut through the land, IT ANNIHALATED THE POWERS OF DARKNESS AND LOOSED ANCIENT OLD STRONGHOLDS off the land. The people were being SET FREE from the myriad of physical, emotional and psychological illnesses and disease. The enemy’s evil intent was THWARTED and deemed null and void. Generational trauma that had lodged in the land was instantly DISLODGED and great RESTORATION AND HEALING ran through the land.

HEALING IN EXTRAORDINARY MAGNITUDE IS COMING TO YOUR LAND GET READY FOR MORE! This SURGE PURGED the land, deep down through its deepest layers. He is purging the depths of our soul realms, to set us on alignment with his good and perfect will for the nation. Get ready! The longstanding sickness and disease in your body and the deep dark hidden places of your heart that you have struggled with for years are going to be hit with a tsunami of healing.

So, as you prepare your sacrifice of prayer to the Lord every morning, lay out the pieces of your life on the altar, and wait for the fire of God to fall upon your heart (Psalm 5:3) expect the miraculous!

CLEANSING GENERATIONAL BLOODLINES: At the same time as this BLOOD-RED WAVE crashed onto the land, generational curses were being broken and smashed. AUSTRALIA AND THE GREAT SOUTH LANDS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, the BLOOD OF JESUS IS CLEANSING YOUR GENERATIONAL BLOODLINE, and as you keep his commandments, the BLOOD OF JESUS IS RELEASING GENERATIONAL BLESSINGS of favour and steadfast love to a thousand generations across the nation (Deuteronomy 5:10) THE BLOOD RED-RIVER IS FLOODING THE PEOPLE AND REVIVING LIFE TO THE LAND.


Be Encouraged by this word.

I certainly am! If you are praying for your country, wherever it may be, your family wherever they reside and even the diverse conditions of spiritual awareness of the Lord Jesus Christ they find themselves in, take heart!

Continue to pray without ceasing and if you are able, join with Canberra Declaration as prayer warriors, intercessors, worshippers, watchmen, and leaders from across the world gather for 21 days of prayer and fasting.

Australia warmly extends the invitation to the Church across the world, “COME! Come see what the Lord will do!”

This fascinating piece was contributed by Leonie Robson who is a song contestant and part of the Firstfruits Music Awards family.

Being a singer-songwriter or musician might seem glamorous and thrilling, but the truth is it’s a journey filled with ups and downs. The music industry is known for being financially unstable, and that instability can contribute to anxiety, depression, and other mental health struggles.

Plus, musicians have to compete against a plethora of over-saturated content. This coupled with the shortened attention span of fans in the digital age, it’s understandable how the entire process can become mentally exhausting. Below, Firstfruits Music Awards explores some of the mental health challenges of pursuing a career in the Christian music space, some of which are not discussed nearly enough.

The Financial Instability of the Music Industry

Financial instability is perhaps the most significant challenge that people in the music industry face. It’s no surprise that many musicians struggle to make ends meet, which can easily lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. Not receiving adequate payment for your performances, royalties, or music sales can be frustrating and motivating.

It’s crucial to find a steady source of income so you can maintain your mental well-being. You might focus on building a fan base, monetising your social media account, offering more merchandise, and booking your gigs strategically.

Over-Saturation on Streaming Platforms

Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms have changed the game for musicians and songwriters. They have brought both benefits and challenges to the industry. The competition on these platforms is brutal, and anyone can make their recordings public since it’s so easy to upload music. In other words, there is so much music that it’s hard to stand out.

It can be discouraging to put your heart and soul into creating music — which you believe you were called to create — and then receive little engagement and exposure. You can’t let these obstacles discourage you; you have to focus on creating and improving your craft, pursuing excellence and stewarding your gifts at every turn.

Shortened Attention Span of Fans

People generally have shorter attention spans than they did a couple of decades ago, and much of that is due to the increased prevalence of social media. We are often bombarded with content and may not give every artist and creator the attention that their work warrants. You must find creative ways to capture and maintain your audience's attention!

Take an honest assessment of where you are on your journey, and consider adopting new styles and experimenting with fresh soundscapes. Resolve that you will constantly write new and exciting material to keep listeners captivated.

Having a Bulletproof Mindset

Constant rejection and criticism are a part of the music industry, and developing a bulletproof mindset is essential to moving forward. You have to be ready to receive feedback and learn from it, rather than letting it wear you down. Stay motivated, and keep striving to improve.

Meditating on scripture, journaling, and talking to trusted friends and family members can help you maintain your mental health and avoid burnout. Being intentional about keeping a clean, tidy, and stress-free home can also do wonders for your mind and soul. Create a daily (or weekly) cleaning routine, and consider adding some house plants and essential oils to your living environment.

Becoming a Jack of All Trades

As mentioned, you need to be versatile to stand out in the crowded industry. Many successful Christian artists have diversified and learned other skills like producing, sound design, and other secondary instruments.

Being a jack of all trades not only makes you more valuable but also enables you to take on more roles in your career. Among other ideas, you can pursue more gigs, produce your own music, and collaborate with other artists.

The Bottom Line

Being a Christian singer-songwriter or musician comes with its share of unique challenges. From financial instability to rejection, you must be equipped to handle any trial that comes your way.

Focus on staying true to your calling in the Kingdom, and be intentional about creating new music often and adopting new roles. By leaning into the Lord and persevering, you can find your niche in the industry, foster your mental health, and reap the rewards of your hard work!

Would you like to read more helpful content or learn about our premier Christian music song contest? Visit Firstfruits Music Awards today!

This article was written and kindly submitted by Courtney Rosenfeld.

There are over 400 occurrences in the Word of God about prayer that were answered. So why, on occasions, can praying be so challenging especially when our Lord Jesus provided precise instructions in Matthew 6:9-13? Check out this video produced by Randy from IMBeggar, it's a real gem and provides some sound advice concerning how to draw closer to God. Your prayers will never be the same, that's guaranteed!

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