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A big thank you to Neil Johnson and Jacqx Melilli of Vision Christian Media, Queensland - Australia, for recently inviting me on to the 20Twenty show to discuss the Firstfruits Music Awards initiative. Below is a sneak preview of the interview.

Want to learn more then click here: Recording courtesy of Vision Christian Media.

Established earlier last summer, the Firstfruits Music Awards’ prime aim is to provide support and a global platform for emerging and undiscovered Christian artists and songwriters. It is our mission to search out talent from across the globe, those whose songs accurately reflect God’s word. This global event embraces the entire Christian community, the church and missions. Supported by an elite panel of leading industry figures, churchgoers will be able to vote on their favourite songs too. There will also be a cash prize award for Gospel-led missions as well. The winning artist will take home £25,000 in cash.

Formerly known as United Christian Broadcasters, Vision Christian Media with 750 radio transmitters is Australia’s fastest growing radio network. In addition to Christian music, listeners can enjoy quality broadcasts on a range of topics including; encouraging real life stories, biblical perspectives on life, international news, current events, and biblical programmes from highly regarded Christian figures including Charles Stanley and Jeff Vines.

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Visionathon is the celebration of God’s ability to restore and change peoples’ lives regardless of who they are or their circumstances. Through Vision Christian Media, Australian’s are able to share their testimonies and stories, inspiring and encouraging others. Learn how God’s word touches the lives of those who love and surrender to Him.

As brothers and sisters in Christ,we are instructed to proclaim the Gospel of God to an unregenerate world and to make disciples of all nations. Please consider joining Vision Christian Media on their quest to touch lives through peoples’ testimonies and God’s word. As a non-profit charity with approximately 90% funding from individual donors, you’ll understand how important it is to receive financial support from people like you, those that love God and wish to see His kingdom grow.

For more information regarding how to support this great initiative, please visit:

The Firstfruits Music Awards is featured in the latest edition of Songwriting and Composing, a publication of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers, the UK’s top industry body for songwriters, composers and music industry personnel. We’re delighted to be featured on the front page and illustrates that the Firstfruits Music Awards with its aims to promote emerging and independent Christian artists whose songs echo biblical truths, is considered worthy of the top news spot. A big thanks to Colin Eade, Director of the Guild, for making this possible. #christianmusic #gospelmusic #singersongwriter #composer #recordingartist #recordingstudio #band #christianity #musicproducer #musicpromotion #contest #event #competition

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