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Our prime objective is to serve and support Christian songwriters and artists who demonstrate their love for God through their careful and accurate handling of biblical truths through song.

Inviting the general public to participate in the online voting system, together with the support of a stellar panel of industry professionals, the Firstfruits Music Awards is the world’s premier platform for emerging and independent Christian artists.

The winner’s Grand Prize of £25,000 in cash and prestigious trophy is arguably the highest value prize and honour available to emerging and independent Christian artists.


It’s fabulous to see a like minded group of aspiring Christian songwriters and artists from across the world uniting with the common goal to spread the word of God through song. We salute and honour the participants of the inaugural Firstfruits Music Awards. Without such global support, this event would not be possible. A big thank you from the team at Firstfruits Music Awards. In order of artist participation, here are the top five countries so far: 1 – USA 2 – UK 3 – Canada 4 – Australia 5 – Nigeria #christianmusic #gospelmusic #singersongwriters #musicians #musicproducers #usa #uk #canada #australia #nigeria

Since its inception late last July, the Firstfruits Music Awards for emerging and undiscovered Christian artists and songwriters is making an impact on the world stage. Participants are flocking in from across Europe, the Americas, Africa and India.

Based upon the current numbers and with 20% of the song submissions, the UK takes second place. The number one spot goes to the USA with 27%.

Nigel Swaby, founder of Firstfruits Music Awards said, “I was convinced that the concept to offer a global platform for undiscovered Christian artists would be well received, especially with a grand prize of £25,000 in cash. In addition, what makes this event unique is that the whole Christian community are invited to participate. Church goers can vote for their favourite songs and there is a cash prize for Church missions too.

I initially wrestled with how we could gain enough credibility and traction to make this initiative known globally, especially from a standing start. However, having a top flight panel of highly regarded and respected industry judges has made all the difference.

So far the news about this opportunity appears to be spreading like wildfire, and as such we recently held our first radio interview with Vision Christian Media (formerly known as UCB Australia), with another broadcast scheduled this February.”

For more information about these awards visit or email

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