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Abstract Painting

The Challenge

There are two types of equally talented artists. One struggling to make ends meet and the other in the limelight. The difference is being known!

According to Jeremy Erlich Spotify’s Global Head of Music, the platform receives 60,000 new tracks each day. That’s 22 million a year or almost 1 per second. Competition is fierce and subject to the variable parameters, an artist may require 500,000 streams per month just to make US$1,500.

The current social media culture of instant gratification means attention spans are shorter than ever before. For example, Instagram Story currently has a maximum 15 second video limit. This means the first few seconds of a song can make all the difference between a hit, or being skipped.

In today’s highly competitive music world, it is becoming increasingly more important for artists to be multi-disciplined, surrounding themselves by a team of professionals who understand how to create effective social media campaigns and can advise on artist development, lucrative income streams, distribution and licencing options.

The only top-tier music awards dedicated to Christian artists with a £25,000 cash top prize!

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